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  • First digital program for long-term knee pain relief

    No drugs, no injections, avoid unneeded surgery

    Most people experience pain relief in 2-4 weeks

    Reduced pain in 3 months (or your money back)

    No need to miss work, no hidden / extra fees

  • $15K - $30K knee surgery

    Recovery time is ~6-12 months

    Average physical therapy co-pay = $37 * 72 visits ($2,664)

    Average time out of work = 8 weeks

    Total Cost is ~$32,700 and up to 52 weeks of recovery

The WelloMove Program

Up to a 70% reduction in knee pain

  • 9/10 members say WelloMove is the most effective program they've tried
  • 8/10 members say WelloMove's approach is not restrictive and is easy to maintain
  • Experience knee pain relief within 2-3 months of starting the program

Comprehensive Program

  • WelloMove mobile app helps keep track of your progress by logging your routines
  • Self-guided focuses allow you to work at your own pace
  • Integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit

1:1 Live Coaching

  • Dedicated 1:1 coaching for the first 4 weeks to kickstart your journey
  • Stay on track with guided programming to maintain accountability
  • Access recipes and health articles curated by registered dieticians

Supportive community

  • Celebrate your journey with thousands of other members
  • Share recipes, weight loss milestones, and roadblocks
  • The WelloMove team is actively involved to make sure you have the best experience

A whole-body approach to
pain management

Your biology is only the beginning. We look at all the factors that go into lasting pain management,
and build a personalized, medically guided path just for you




Social Support

Real world success stories

Join tens of thousands of members on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

David , 47

I've been using WelloMove for a few months now, and I can't express how much it has transformed my life. The combination of the diet plan, exercise routines, and physical therapy has made a remarkable difference in managing my osteoarthritis.

Elizabeth , 68

The guidance and support from the program's team have been outstanding, and I always felt motivated and empowered to stay on track. My pain levels have significantly decreased, and I feel stronger and more mobile than ever before. WelloMove is a comprehensive and effective solution that has positively impacted my life, and I'm incredibly grateful for it.

Alice, 54

I've seen remarkable improvements in my daily life, from being able to walk longer distances without discomfort to enjoying activities I thought were no longer possible. I'm grateful to the team behind WelloMove for creating such an incredible program that has given me hope and a new lease on life.